Total is the 4th largest company in the lubricants market with 41 lubricant production plants worldwide, 7 grease manufacturing plants, 130 researchers, 5,800 employees, and its products are being distributed in 150 countries.

Ashika is a leading spare parts supplier for Japanese and Korean vehicles, covering all the mechanical and electrical vehicle needs.

Bosch is one of the biggest original suppliers for automotive spare parts in the world. It is also one of the pioneers when it comes to car diagnostics and workshop supplies.

Dayco is a global leader in the research, design, manufacturing and distribution of essential engine products, drive systems and services for automobiles, trucks, construction, agriculture and industry.

Iada is a car chemical manufacturer supplying lubricants, coolants, greases and also additives for the vehicles.

Industrias Dolz is a Spanish producer of water pumps with more than 80 years of experience in the field, supplying cars, trucks and tractors.


Elring is a supplier for gaskets and sealants for engine repair. It is an o/e supplier for most of the German applications amongst others. The brand name “Elring – Das Original” has long since become a trademark for outstanding quality, safety, service, availability, and reliability.

Era is a company with 35 years experience in the aftermarket business supplying mostly electrical and electronic parts for vehicles, collaborating with many o/e suppliers for the best possible quality.

SIDAT was founded in 1990 offering electrical, airconditioning and mechanical parts collaborating with many o/e suppliers, providing top quality products.

Unigom is a union of several small rubber and metal producers to make specific high-quality rubber to metal products for the automotive market.

Cifam is part of the Metelli group from Italy supplying braking parts, including hydraulics together with constant velocity joints.

Trusting is one of Europe’s leader in the manufacturing of brake shoes with a very wide range for European, Japanese and Korean vehicles and was the first manufacturer to produce 100% asbestos free brake shoes.


NSK, as a worldwide strategic partner to the top automobile manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry, provide solutions that offer greater performance while taking up less space.
Intelligent steering systems, engine and transmission bearings, bearings for ancillaries – our products not only ensure more efficient use of fuel, but also increase active and passive safety for vehicles.

ELF is a legendary brand worldwide: a world of passion, technological expertise and a premium-product culture. Fundamentally inspired by R&D and always anticipating, ELF maintains the image of a competitive, effective and expert brand.Through constant technological innovation, it is the brand of success,victory and winners. 

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